Jean Leong

I began accompanying for Saint’s Singers in the summer of 2018. This happened after a request from Elisabeth, one evening after a Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior Choir rehearsal when she asked if I did anything on a Monday evening. Initially I questioned whether I wanted to play for another choir as I was already involved in several other musical activities at the time, including accompanying for ‘Reflections’ ladies choir who I have been with for over 30 years, but after attending a concert at one of the venues for the Winterton Open Gardens season, I realised I wanted to be involved! I saw they were a lovely group of ladies who loved to sing and were so ably led by Elisabeth, who was obviously extremely talented and committed to improving the choir’s sound whilst also being aware of the need to maintain the inclusive community aspect and enjoyment of singing.

My accompanying work started over 40 years ago when I began working with several local ballet schools playing for their exams and musical productions. Following this I started playing for ABRSM exams for a range of musical disciplines, including singing. Then I began my accompanying role, playing for various classes at the Scunthorpe Musical Festival.

I worked at Henderson Avenue Primary School for over 25 years as a Teacher’s Aide but was also able to accompany the choir and orchestra during that time and collaborated with the music co-ordinator on our school’s musical productions. Following the initial training by Sue Hollingworth I delivered the ‘Voices’ singing programme in KS1 until I retired in 2013.

Since my retirement I have been involved in several different musical ventures including accompanying for Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior Choir since 2016, several school choirs, the Scunthorpe Concert Band, Lions ‘Male Voice Choir’ and a local pantomime where I was musical director for 15 years. Oh yes I was!

I really love playing for Saint’s Singers and hope to do so for several years to come as I have enjoyed seeing them grow from a relatively small group back in 2018 to a choir of over 40!
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